Langyu Oct. HK Exhibition ended perfectly, and attracted the public attention with the new products

Release Time:2016-10-15

The world's largest electronics procurement exhibition opened at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. In  the exhibition, the organizer would hold the first professional drone racing competition in Hong Kong and the world's largest electronics procurement exhibition at the same time. And Edge Smart technology Co., Ltd.(Sunnysky), which has over 10 years of RC airplane motors research, development and manufacturing experience, would definitely not miss it.


The venue was located at Hall 2, AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong. More than 240 booths display the latest  consumer drones, robots, intelligent balance cars, outdoor photography and video products. At the  scene, drone manufacturers will show their drone products and brand strength, and racing masters  from all over the world will show off the competitive charm of drones at a professional level, attracting  all the public attention! The winners of the contest will have the opportunity to fly directly to Hawaii of  the United States to compete for the UAV Racing World Championship Finals.


Cool Products, Win the World!




Our booth was located at 2G30, Hall 2, AsiaWorld-Expo. There was no cool booth design and no luxury  decoration. All we got was a young, energetic and passionate team, and of course the new product that  had been prepared by Edge Smart Technology for the global fans for a long time.


SUNNYSKY (Langyu Motors) had already enjoyed a good reputation in the field of aircraft model in the  world. Some customers were directly placing new orders with the first generation of Langyu products in  our booth, we showed them the latest two models of Langyu: the second generation, three generations of  motor products face-to-face.



After understanding the performance and parameters of our new products, customers make no bones  about writing the models and quantities of the orders they want .


There were only a negotiation table and three chairs in our 9-flat standard booth, but What we didn't  expect was that our products attracted a large number of visitors.


Some buyers who were in-depth cooperation intentions invited in the early stage of the exhibition also  arrived as scheduled during the exhibition. The quantity of orders, product parameters, delivery dates  and other matters can only be completed on this small table less than 60cm.


Due to the large number of people in the booth, some professional buyers can only see our products in  the aisle and feedback their needs.


    When there were space in front of the exhibits, they can check the actual  order quantity and model  according to the real object.


After the order was confirmed, enthusiastic buyers also strongly requested to take a photo with our  colleagues.


There was no grand signing ceremony, only a sample photo taken after each cooperation project was  complished. Thank you for your cooperation and support to the winger and Langyu!

Fashionable product:self-developed professional handheld stabilization gimble



At this exhibition, the winger also brought two self-developed professional handheld gimbles for the  global lovers. They are respective the handheld enhanced stability EG6 for the sports camera GOPRO  and the stabilization gimble for the smart phone EG7.



There were too many customers who come to experience our stablization gimble, in addtion to some  online e-commerce and chain store buyers, also many industry experts included. In the end, Our  stablization gimble received high recognition after the customers carefully listened to our self-developed  stabilization algorithm introduction and live experience the smooth and soft feel of the three-axis  professional motors that are deeply customized by gimble.



Our young and promising CEO also acted as a product commentator, because a crowd of friends came to  consult and experience our products.

Edge Focus: the Star Booth, Deserved





In the face of the reporter's media visits as many as 3-4 times a day, the organizers' several times of  interviews and live broadcasts, under various kinds of flashlights, our team was a bit overwhelmed.  Besides, our passionate buyers and friends, and all kinds of situations, had all exceeded our  expectations, it seemed that our preparation was not enough. We look forward to the next meeting and  will bring you more cool products. Let's meet again at AsiaWorld-Expo in April next year!