2024 the 9th Shenzhen International Drone Exhibition Low-Altitude Economy, The Future is Now

Release Time:2024-05-27


2024 the 9th Shenzhen International Drone Exhibition

 Low-Altitude Economy, The Future is Now

May 24, 2024 — The 2024 8th World Drone Conference and International Low-Altitude Economy and Unmanned Systems 

Expo, along with the 9th Shenzhen International Drone Exhibition, kicked off today in Shenzhen under the theme 

"Low-Altitude Economy, The Future is Now." This year's conference gathered experts and industry leaders from

 the global unmanned systems field to discuss topics such as drone and low-altitude economy, eVTOL technology 

innovation and applications, and waterborne unmanned systems. Over 40 parallel forums and 60 product technical 

exchange meetings were held.

During the conference, nearly 500 companies from home and abroad showcased over 4,000 new drone systems. 

The indoor exhibition area reached 35,000 square meters, and the outdoor exhibition area (Talent Park) covered 

30,000 square meters. Sixteen drone competitions and performances were held, showcasing the innovation and 

robust vitality of the drone industry.


As the leading sector of the low-altitude economy, drones have an annual growth rate of over 20%, becoming

 a new growth point of the national economy. The low-altitude economy not only inherits the traditional general

 aviation industry but also integrates new low-altitude production service methods supported by drones.

 Empowered by information and digital management technologies, it forms a vibrant and creative comprehensive 

economic model.


As a leading company in the drone power system field, we are proud to participate in this exhibition, 

showcasing our latest drone motors, ESCs, and propeller products. These products not only represent

 the highest level in the current industry but also indicate future technological trends. Our new products, 

with their outstanding performance and reliable quality, have attracted significant attention and recognition

 from the attendees.

We are committed to promoting the advancement and application of drone technology, aiding the development

 of the low-altitude economy. We believe that with continuous innovation and breakthroughs in drone technology, 

the drone industry will have a more brilliant future. We will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, providing 

our customers with superior products and services, and together, we will embrace the promising future of the 

low-altitude economy.