Exploring the Future, Unveiling New Products! Our Company Participates in the 2024 Hobby Expo China

Release Time:2024-04-30


Exploring the Future, Unveiling New Products! 

Our Company Participates in the 2024 

Hobby Expo China

Our company made a grand appearance at the Hobby Expo China held from April 19th to 21st,

 showcasing the latest innovative products that attracted the attention of numerous media 

and attendees. During the exhibition, we presented a series of premium products including

 the 3D Remote Control Helicopter M7, lightweight wooden fixed-wing aircraft, vertical

 take-off unmanned aerial vehicle, and unmanned aerial vehicle power systems, located

 at booth number 2J33 in Hall 2. This exhibition marks another breakthrough for our

 company in the model industry, demonstrating our strength and achievements in 

technological innovation and product development.


The 3D remote-controlled helicopter M7 showcased in this exhibition is OMPHOBBY's

largest helicopter to date and a truly 700-class model. Equipped with main rotor blades

 capable of spanning up to 715mm+116mm, and with a flight weight of approximately 5300

 grams including standard electronic equipment, this helicopter is prepared to tackle any

 challenge you may encounter. Whether your aim is to achieve competition-level 3D flying

 or leisurely recreational flights, the M7 is ready to fulfill all tasks.


Additionally, we showcased a series of products including lightweight wooden fixed-wing aircraft,

vertical take-off unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicle power systems, highlighting

 our company's technological prowess and product innovation in various fields. These products

 not only break through traditional design boundaries but also achieve new heights in performance,

 receiving unanimous praise from attendees.


As a company committed to technological innovation and product quality, we will continue to 

uphold the business philosophy of "customer-centric, survival by quality, and development

 through innovation," continuously introducing more high-quality, high-performance products

 to bring better experiences to consumers.


Through this exhibition, we engaged in in-depth exchanges with audiences and industry 

experts, receiving valuable feedback and suggestions that will help us further improve

 product quality and service standards. We will continue to strive for excellence, providing

 customers with better products and services to create a brighter future together!


The exhibition was a complete success