"There will be anti-counterfeiting search codes on the boxes of all the SUNNYSKY Brand products Since from January 1, 2017"
New anti-counterfeiting query method: 20-digit anti-counterfeiting Numbers

1. Website inquiry: Log in to the website www.rcsunnysky.com, click on “Anti-Fake” at the top right of the home page to choose the 20-digit information security code according to the content prompt.

2.WeChat Public Number Inquiry: At First,Scan the QR code on the anti-counterfeit label on the product's packaging box,pay attention to the WeChat Official Account,and then,Write the words such as anti-counterfeit query,query or anti-fake in the message input field,Finally, You will find the official query URL and can check your Security numbers.

3.The official authentic anti-counterfeiting logo is as follows

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